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The city's premier chess club!

silloette piecesChess is a great activity for students of all ages, and the new friendships often last a life-time. It is an activity that does not depend on physical size or capabilities. It helps develop logic, memory, and planning - critical problem solving skills. This is something that few other activities do. Best of all it is fun!


We Meet at 2 Sites!


Warpinski Community Center 

515 S. Monroe St. Green Bay, WI

Meets every Thursday

except Thanksgiving!

7:00 - 9:00 pm.



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2498 S. Oneida St. Green Bay, WI

Meets on the first Monday

of every month!

7:00 - 9:00 pm. 

Closed June-September

for summer.


Enjoy our new site features!

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Play chess against a chess computer. We have an extensive list of club games to browse. The Green Bay Chess Association, Inc. has a large library of chess books and magazines for club members to check out. Books and magazines are for local checkout use only please! 


42nd Green Bay Open announced July 7-8, 2018.

Click here for the flier.


new Tim club champion 2017

Congratulations to Tim Bogenschutz. He is the new

reigning club champion! He went undefeated in both events.


  Player Name Josiah Jonathon Rich Tim Total
1 Josiah Stein x W/D W/L W/L 1.5
2 Jonathon Prenot B/D x B/L W/L 1.5
3 Rich Susens W/L B/L x W/L 0.0
4 Tim Bogenschutz B/W B/W W/W x 3.0


Here is the last round game between Jon and Tim.

Dutch Stonewall Defense


Qualifying results of the Club Championship

      Congratulations to the four finalists who made the cut. They are Tim Bogenschutz who scored an unbeaten record with 3points, Jonathan Prenot, Josiah Stein, and Rich Susens all with 2 points. 

     The results are below including the tie-breaker round. The tie-breaker round included the following players: Luke Ludwig, Rich Susens, Jonathon Prenot, and Josiah Stein.

Pairing # Player name Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3  Total
1 Tim Bogenschutz W8 W2 W3 3.0
2 Josiah Stein W7 L1 W9 2.0
3 Jonathon Prenot W10 W6 L1 2.0
4 Luke Ludwig D11 W5 D6 2.0
5 Rich Susens W12 L4 W10 2.0
6 Kelly Borman W9 L3 D4 1.5
7 Ashna Bansal L2 D8 W11 1.5
8 Stephen Ziehms L1 D7 W12 1.5
9 Thomas Mattson L6 W11 L2 1.0
10 Dhruv Bansal L3 W12 L5 1.0
11 David Frey D4 L9 L7 0.5
12 Andy Sulskis L5 L10 F 0.5
IMG 0715 IMG 0716

Dbl Rnd Robin Tie-breaker
Name Total Pts. Josiah Jon Luke Rich
Josiah Stein 5.0 x D D W W W W
Jonathon Prenot 5.0 D D x W W W W
Luke Ludwig 0.0 L L L L x L L
Rich Susens 2.0 L L L   W W x




 Rent the Big Chess Set!      Rent is $50 per day. Use of the set is subject to the local  area only! Contact Luke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details.



 school house

 2018 Scholastic Tournament results are here!



 Blitz Chess

 New speed chess Champion!     Congratulations to this years reigning champion Josiah Stein. View the results of the club speed tournament.


Titletown Development Join us at Titletown District across from Lambeau Field! 

We meet at the gameing area every third Wednesday of the month from 3-5 pm. 


GBCA Hall of Fame 

 Coming Soon!     A Hall of Fame to honor those people that did much to  promote chess and went above the call of duty for Green Bay chess.