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silloette piecesChess is a great activity for students of all ages, and the new friendships often last a life-time. It is an activity that does not depend on physical size or capabilities. It helps develop logic, memory, and planning - critical problem solving skills. This is something that few other activities do. Best of all it is fun!

The purpose of the Association is to broaden and develop chess as a significant element of cultural life in Wisconsin. The Association cooperates with chess clubs, schools, and other groups and institutions throughout Wisconsin in teaching chess and conducting tournaments.

The Green Bay Chess Association, Inc. is approved by the I.R.S. as a nonprofit, charitable 501 (c) 3 organization for educational purposes, which accepts tax deductible donations. We need your support! All contributions are appreciated. If you would like to make a donation, download our brochure and contact Luke Ludwig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or mail us directly at Green Bay Chess Association, Inc., c/o Luke Ludwig, 2191 Allouez Ave. Green Bay, WI 54311.


Blitz Chess 

2020 Annual Speed Chess Championship

The results are in for this years speed chess club championship and we had a three way tie for first place with 4 points. Susie won the tie-break points to take home the 1st place trophy. Congratulations to Susie Ulrich, our current speed chess champion! 


See the results of the tournament here!

Club Championship finals for

December 5, 2020!

See the games here at gbochess.live.


Congratulations to Susanna Ulrich! She is the 2020 club champion.

 Winners Move on to the Club Championship Finals:

            • Daniel Phipps
            • Daniel Lindquist
            • Josiah Stein
            • Susie Ulrich
NO Player Name Rating RND1 RND2 RND3 Total Pts.
1 Susan Ulrich 2166 W5 D2 W4 2.5
2 Daniel Phipps 1879 W10 D1 W7 2.5
3 Joseph Stein 2044 W8 L4 W9 2.0
4 Daniel Lindquist 1839 W9 W3 L1 2.0
5 Tim Bogenschutz 1797 L1 D7 W8 1.5
6 Thomas Mattson 1574 D7 L8 W10 1.5
7 Kelly Borman 2056 D6 D5 L2 1.0
8 Stephen Ziehms 1200 L3 W6 L5 1.0
9 Nadia Lubinski 922 L4 W10 L3 1.0
10 Luke Lubinski 1179 L2 L9 L6 0.0

Below are some games from the ongoing Chess.com tournament.



Our chess club meeting:
St Joseph Church We meet at St. Joseph Church, 936 9th St. Green Bay, WI. every Thursday 7-10 pm.
Please park on the 13st. side of the building. Come in the back door by the windows. We do not meet on Thanksgiving day.


St Josephs club site
Club members playing at our new site.



 Rent the Big Chess Set!      Rent is $50 per day. Use of the set is subject to the local  area only! Contact Luke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details. 

Titletown DevelopmentJoin us at Titletown District across from Lambeau Field! 

 We will meet June - September every third week of the month.