114th US Open Highlights 

114th US Open Highlights

Thanks to Mike Nietman’s help from being on the United States Chess Federation board, the 114th US Open was allowed to be played in Middleton, Wisconsin, July 27-August 4, 2013. Eight Green Bay club members competed in the national tournament. Overall, 137 players attended from various Wisconsin cities. The US Open had many side events, such as quick chess tournaments, lectures, awards banquet, and selling chess merchandise. It was the first time a US Open chess championship was held in Wisconsin since 1953!
The Barber k-6 tournament, Denker National High School Championship, Women’s Invitational, and Women’s Open were just some of the tournaments held in Middleton. The USOpen is also host to other side events such as a blitz tournament, game in 15 minutes, and quad tournaments.
Luke Ludwig, from our Green Bay club, received an honorary award for life long outstanding chess achievement by the United States Chess Federation at the awards ceremony. His life long dedication to chess has directed over 35 Green Bay Open chess tournaments and numerous other chess endevours over the years. He was partnered and instrumental in making the Green Bay Chess Association, Inc. a 501(c3) organization. The organization now is successfully working with area public and parochial schools to provide chess clubs in the local area.
Our club is quite competitive and has some good players. Among the eight attendees from our club at the US Open, three of them finished in the top half out of 519 total players from around the world, mostly from within the states. The main US Open tournament plays nine games with the possibility of achieveing a maximum high score of 9 out of 9 points. Tim Bogenschutz was one out of 17 players who won a small cash prize for taking fifth in a Game in 15 minute side event tournament.

The following players from our club played in the USOpen their scores are recorded below:

  • Kelly Borman 5.5 pts.
  • Tim Bogenschutz 5 pts.
  • Josiah Robert Stein 4.5 pts.
  • Luke Ludwig 4 pts.
  • Kirk Plankey 4 pts.
  • Lynn Schmidt 4pts.
  • Tom Mattson 2.5 pts.
  • Steve Ziehms 2 pts.

    They represented our local club well. Well done

    Green Bay chess players!

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Below are pictures of Luke Ludwig receiving his award.

Videos from the award ceremony.

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Below are pictures of the 2013 US Open.