A dedication to our chess club players who played in the 2013 USOpen in Middleton, WI! 
Kelly Borman plays another expert round 8.
He also played the 2013 USOpen Womans 
 Champion in round 9.                
Kelly Borman plays his first Grandmaster with                
a rateing of 2600, and it is board 3!                 
IMG 0333 IMG 0308
Tim Bogenschutz plays a high rated expert on board 16.
This was his highest obtained board! 
 IMG 0321  IMG 0322
             Tom Mattson in a red shirt plays on board 73.
Luke Ludwig wearing our GBCA shirt playing black on board
38. Kelly, Tim, and Luke wore the GBCA shirts that day.
 IMG 0309  IMG 0312
                                  Kirt Plankey in a yellow flower
                                      shirt on board 52.   
         Steve Ziehms wears his cap
                    playing chess.
IMG 0310 IMG 0327
Josiah Stein plays white in the
final round game.
Josiah Stein plays white in an
early round game.
IMG 0340 IMG 0306
And the best memory goes to...
You deserve it Luke! 
You have done so much. 
SAM 0075