46th Annual Green Bay Open

46th Annual Green Bay Open

July 1-2, 2023

46th Annual Green Bay Open
Heritage Event
15 Grand Prix Points
A Wisconsin Chess Tour Event 

July 1-2 46th Annual Green Bay Open

Playing Site: Radisson Hotel, 2040 Airport Dr. Green Bay, WI 54313

Time Control: 5SS G/90, increment 30.

Sections: Open & Reserve (Open to 1599 & below)

Entry Fee: Open $60, Reserve $50 if rec’d by 6/28!  All entries after this date including phone, online & in person are $10 more.

Prizes (Top 2 Gtd. in both sections, 6 per class) Open 1st $500 + trophy; 2nd $250; Expert $210; 1900’s & 1800’s $180 each; 1700’s & 1600’s $170 each; 1599 & below $125:  Reserve 1st $250; 2nd $150; 1300’s & 1200’s $130 each; Under 1200 $120; Unrated $120. 

Onsite Registration: 8:45- 9:25am.  

Rounds: 10-2:30-7:30; 10-3.

Hotel Rate: $119 Single or Double, Book Using This Link or call 920-494-7300 mention chess tournament. Room block held to 6/09. Other Info: ½ bye avail. Rds 1, 2 or 3 if req’d w/entry.   Entries & Inquiries to: Luke Ludwig, 2191 Allouez Ave. Green Bay, WI 54311. 920-465-9859, email: lukealudwig@aol.com  

Chess Club Games

Chess Club Games (under maintenance)

Please note:  This section with games needs to be updated and we will have Lichess links available but this may take some time.  Thank you!


Dutch Leningrad Reversed

Annotation: My opponent is not familiar with this openning. Tim gives: 1. f4 d5 2. g3 Nf6 3. Nf3 g6 4. Bg2 Bg7 5. 0-0 c5 6. d3 Nc6 7. Nc3 d5 is a better settup. 13. c3 might be a liittle better. 26. cxd5 opening the c-file with much pressure and good attack. 42.Rd2! The pin. Limiting blacks knight from blocking white’s pawns. 32.  …Nd5 and white has a crushing attack. Great pressure on the king. 36. Rxc6! Starts the combination attack. If 36. …bxc6 then 37. Rb8++. 38. …Rxg2+ Black captures the bishop to relieve the attack along the diagonal. 43. Rdd8!! Black is totally lost. Blacks King is in a box and his pieces are tied down. 51. Rxc8+ White exchanges all pieces and queens with check! 51. …Rxc8 52. Rxc8+ Kxc8 53. e8=Q+ wins.

Josiah Stein – Shiva Suir, 33rd Annual Green Bay Open, 7/24/2010

Annotation:   4) d5 is best! d3 and d4 are also playable. 5)…b5 is theory (Andrew Becker notes that Magnus Carlsen played it in 2006 once). 6)Bf1 defend the g2 pawn in the event of …Qxd5 so that white can play Nc3  without fear of infiltration by the black queen. Fritz gives 7…Qc5 8.Bxb5 Rb8 9.Qe2 Bd6 10.d4 leads to a clear advantage for white. Fritz gives the interesting  9.Qe2!? which is based on a very difficult tactical idea:  9…Bb7 10.Qc4 Bd4 11.Nxf7!! and the queen is overloaded. 11…Qxf7 12.Bxc6+. After 12)…Bb6?! Black really had to keep pieces by his king to defend against a direct assault.  His plan is very dangerous which is demonstrated in a few moves. 12…Be7 13.Be3 f5?! 14.Nc5±. 13.Qh5! This is an excellent post from which the queen can both attack and defend. 14)…Qd7? The final error. Josiah Stein gives: 14…Qg6™ 15.Qxg6 hxg6. This variation was forced.  This endgame is clearly better for white as he is a pawn up for which black has no compensation. 15)…Ne7 Perhaps the best defense. Others are 15…Nd4 16.Qg5 Nf5 17.Nf6+; 15…Kh8 16.Bxg7+ Kxg7 17.Qg5+ Kh8 18.Nf6 Qe7 19.Qh6 Qxf6; 15…gxh6? 16.Nf6+. [/pgn]

Dutch Defense

Faulkbeer Counter Gambit

From’s Gambit

Annotation: Fritz gives: 12. e4 0-0-0 13. Be3 f6 playable. If 13. …Qh4+ then Qg3. 18. 0-0-0 with full compensation for white. 20. …Bxa2 21. Rxe3 White activates his pieces by giving back the pawn. 25. Be4 prevents mate on b1.

Giuoco Piano

Rent a Big Chess Set 


Our Green Bay Chess Association offers a floor size chess board for rental
use for parties and other events. We charge a $50 rental fee per session.
The money goes to fund area chess schools and events.
For more details, email lukealudwig@aol.com.


Michael A. Selig Memorial / 56th Northeastern Open Chess Championship

February 4-5, 2023

DoubleTree by Hilton, 150 S. Nicolet Rd., Appleton, WI 54914. HR: $87 920-735-9955 (Mention Chess-Reserve Early. Rate gtd only until 1/4.) In 3 Sections, Open: 5SS G/120 d5, EF: $41 by 1/31; $48 at site. $$b/40: $250-175. 1900-$135, 1800-$125, 1700-$115, 1600-$105, U1600-$95. Rds.: 10-2:30-7:30; 10-3. Reserve (U1500): 5SS G/120 d5, Open to U1500. EF: $26 by 1/31; $33 on site. $$b/20: $70-50. 1200: $40; U1200-$40. Rds.: 10-2:30-7:30; 10-3. Novice (U1000): 6SS G/60 d5, Open to U1000. EF: $16 by 1/31; $23 at site. Prizes: Trophies to 1st-5th. Rds.: 10-1-3:30-6:30; 10-1. ALL: Reg: 2/4 – 8:45-9:30 am. One 1/2-point bye any Rd. Full-pt bye to 2100+ in Rd.1 if requested in advance. Checks payable to Mike Nietman. ENT: Mike Nietman-Organizer, 2 Boca Grande Way, Madison, WI 53719, 608-467-8510 (before 2/3)

The Wisconsin Memorial

The Wisconsin Memorial

December 3-4, 2022

Courtyard by Marriott, 2266 Deming Way, Middleton, WI 53562. HR: $89 608-203-0100 (Mention Chess-Reserve Early. Rate gtd only until 11/2). 5SS, G/90 i30, EF: $35 by 11/29; $45 at site. $$b/60: $210-140. ‘A’ $100, ‘B’ $90, ‘C’ $80, ‘D’ $70, ‘E’ $60, U1000 ‘$50, Unrated $50 Upset $50. Rds.: 10-2:30-7:00; 10-3. ALL: Reg: 12/3 – 8:45-9:30 am. ENT: Mike Nietman-Organizer, 2 Boca Grande Way, Madison, WI 53719, 608-467-8510

WCA Veterans Tournament

WCA Veterans Tournament

November 5-6, 2022

5SS, G/90 +30, Gruenhagen Conference Center, UW-Oshkosh, Corner of High and Osceola St., Oshkosh, WI 54901. HR: $40 (dorm room) 920-424- 1106. Open to Age 18 and over. 2023 Irwin qualifier. EF: $35 by 11/1; $45 at site. $$Gtd: $300-175. A-$100; B-$90; C-$80; D-$70; E/Unr-$60. Reg.: 11/5 8:45-9:30 A.M. Rds.: 10:15-2:30-7:15; 10:00-3:00. Held in conjunction with the WI Junior Open but in a separate room. ENT: Mike Nietman, 2 Boca Grande Way, Madison, WI 53719. INFO: Mike Nietman, 608-467- 8510 (before 11/4) 

WI Junior Open

WI Junior Open

November 5-6, 2022

Gruenhagen Conference Center, UW-Oshkosh, Corner of High and Osceola St., Oshkosh, WI 54901. HR: $40 Full Service (dorm room) 920-424-1106. 2022 Denker/Barber/Haring/Rockefeller qualifier; Open to Grades K-12. In 6 Sections, High School: EF: $18 in advance by 11/2; $23 at site. Trophies: Top 5, Top 2 each B, C, D and E/Unrated. K-8: EF: $18 in advance by 11/2; $23 at site. Trophies: Top 5, Top 2 each C, D and E/Unrated. Girl’s Junior Open: EF: $18 in advance by 11/2; $23 at site. Trophies: Top 4. Reserve (U900 or Unrated): EF: $18 in advance by 11/2; $23 at site. Trophies: Top 5, Top 2 each 600, 500, U500 and Unrated. Non-Rated Beginner’s Grade 7-12Open to Grades 7-12. EF: $17 in advance by 11/2; $22 at site. Trophies: Top 5 and top 3 Grade 7-9. Non-Rated Beginner’s Grade K-6Open to Grades K-6. EF: $17 in advance by 11/2; $22 at site. Trophies: Top 5 and top 3 Grade K-3. ALL: 5SS, G/120 d5. Reg.: 11/6 8:45-9:30 A.M. Rds.: 10:15-2:30-7:15; 10:00-3:00. ENT: Mike Nietman, 2 Boca Grande Way, Madison, WI 53719. INFO: Mike Nietman, 608-467-8510 (before 11/5) mike.nietman@charter.netwww.wischess.org. W. Online registration at www.kingregistration.com. Masks required per UW-O policy.

Bylaws of the GBCA

Bylaws of the GBCA

Article I. NAME

The name of the organization is Green Bay Chess Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Association.


The purpose of the Association shall be to broaden and develop chess as a significant element of cultural life in Wisconsin. The Association shall cooperate with chess clubs, schools, and other groups and institutions throughout Wisconsin in teaching chess and conducting tournaments. The Association shall be affiliated with the United States Chess Federation. The Association is pledged to (A) operate exclusively for educational purposes; (B) that no part of its contributions, dues or net income shall inure to the benefit of any individual, except the trophies or prizes awarded in the course of its educational and promotional program shall not be so construed; and (C) that the Association is not operated for profit, and that neither principal nor income of any of its funds may be used in any attempt to influence legislation.


Any person or corporation may become a Member on application to the Board of directors, which is empowered to accept member application by majority vote. Persons or corporations desiring to become a Member agree to abide by the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and other rules and regulations adopted by the Association.

  1. 1.Membership dues: annual association membership dues shall be set by the board. Dues may be reduced or waived for hardship cases at the discretion of the board.
    1. 2.Rights and Privileges: Each member shall be entitled to participate and vote in all meetings of the Membership. Voting may be in person, by mail, or by electronic mail (Email), but not by proxy.
      1. 3.Suspension and Expulsion: The Board of Directors has the power to suspend or expel any Member for cause after conducting a hearing. The Member has the right to attend the hearing and to call witnesses in his behalf. If the Member is aggrieved by the decision of the Board, the Member has the right to submit a written appeal to the Board of Directors within ten (10) days of the decision. The appeal will be considered at the next regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose, by the assembled Membership.


  1. 1.Annual Meetings: The President shall call an annual meeting of the Membership, held in the month of August or September, for the purposes of hearing reports, electing and installing Officers, and considering other Association business.
  2. 2.Special Meetings: The President shall call special meetings of the Membership at such times as may be expedient for the purpose of considering any Association business. Upon petition of seven Members of the Association, the President shall call a special meeting of the Membership for the reason stated on the petition, and the meeting shall be only for discussion of the petitioned reasons.
  3. 3.Quorum: Six Members present in person shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the membership.
  4. 4.Notice: The Secretary shall give each Member advance notice of each special meeting by phone, Email, or mail. The notice shall include an agenda. Business transacted at special meetings will be limited to only those items noted on the notice for that meeting.



The Association board shall consist of between six to eight members, with six board members elected by the membership for terms of three (3) years, a non-voting Junior Officer elected by the other six board members, and one ex-Officio member elected by the six elected members, said ex-Officio member must have been a founding member or past president of the Association Elections of the six board members shall be staggered such that only two positions will normally be open for election in any given year. The board shall elect the officers of the Association:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Officer, two members-at-large, and ex-­Officio member, which shall as Officers and Board Members, between meetings of the Membership, execute all Association business and affairs, including contracts. The President of the Association shall be the chairman of the Board of Directors. A decision of the Board of Directors shall require the affirmative vote in person, by mail, by telephone, or by Email, of a majority of the Board of Directors. Proxy votes are not allowed. Any Officers elected or appointed may be removed by the persons authorized to elect or appoint said Officers, whenever, in their judgment, the best interests of the Association are served. If a vacancy should occur on the Board of Directors, the remaining Members of the Board are empowered to appoint a Member to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term.

List of Champions

Green Bay Blitz Champions
2002Josiah Stein
2009Matt Conant
2010Josiah Stein
2011Josiah Stein
2012Kelly Borman
2013Derek Sachs
2014Josiah Stein
2015Kelly Borman
2016Jonathon Prenot
2017Josiah Stein
2018Josiah Stein
2019Josiah Stein
2020Susanna Ulrich


Correspondance Champions
2017 Tony Sperbeck
2018 Josiah Stein
2019 Susie Ulrich
2020 Josiah Stein
2021 Tony Spurbeck
Green Bay Club Champions
2001 Kelly Borman
2002 Kelly Borman
2003 Bill Schmitt
Kelly Borman
2005 Kelly Borman
2017 Tim Bogenschutz
2018 Josiah Stein
2019 Kelly Borman
2020 Susanna Ulrich
Green Bay Open Champions
1977Bruce Markielewski 1991Greg Knutson 2007Erik Santarius 2019 Erik Santarious
 Steve Allie  Mike Nietman  Mike Nietman 2020 canceled
 Tom Ludwig  Brad Phillips 2008Matt Conant 2021 Josiah Stien
1978Robert Holyon 1992Dale Sharp  Josiah Stein   Jon Prenot
 Wayne Vandelogt 1993Greg Knutson 2009Anthony Parker  2022Open Section
1979Luke Ludwig 1994Reuben Lubka 2010Erik Santarius  Erik Santarious
1980Tom Moore 1995Roman Levit 2011Alex Betaneli  Reserve Section
1981Tom Moore 1996Alex Betaneli 2012Jerry Zhou  

Oishik Mondal

1982Tom Moore  Dan Smith  Troy Zimmermann 2023

Evan Seghers

Erik Santarious

1983Tom Moore 1997William Elger 2013Richard Herbst   
1984Ramsey Forbush  Randy Schmidt  Derek Sachs   
 John Phythyon  John Blackstone  Kelly Borman   
1985Tom Moore  Lawrence Butler  Doug Younkle   
 Augustine Gomez 1998David Cole 2014Benedict Smail   
1986Tom Moore 1999Alex Betaneli  Kelly Borman   
 Nels Truelson 2000Bryan Lilly 2015Rohan Mhaskar   
1987Tom Moore 2001Alex Betaneli  Tinglin Shi   
 Ramsey Forbush  Bryan Lilly  Tim Bogenschutz   
 William Elger  Jose Gatica 2016Rithwik Mathur   
 John Phythyon 2002Alex Betaneli  Vijay Raghavan   
 Joe Hitselberger  Sven Reimaa  Rohan Mhaskar   
1988Doug Younkle 2003Alex Betaneli  Aaron Jing   
1989William Williams 2004Stan Smiatankin 2017Joziah Rudolph   
 Dale Sharp 2005Alex Stamnov  Kelly Borman   
1990William Elger  Alex Betaneli  Paul Bevens   
 Randy Schmidt  Erik Santarius  2018 Josiah Stein   
 Tom Mazuchowski 2006Erik Santarius   William Elger

Green Bay Chess Club Library

Green Bay Chess Club Library

Book of the Month

Our club has an extensive chess library of books and magazines. We also have a couple of checkers books. The materials are available for our local club players only. They are not for sale! They may be checked out by contacting Luke ludwig at  lukealudwig@aol.com.

Andrew Soltis presents his system in which you play the Bird opening mixed in with fianchetoing the queens bishop. It is a universal opening for white which can be quite effective.

Author: Andrew Soltis

Page count: 108

Click here for a list of the books in excel format.

Click here for a list of the books in pdf format.